6.6. DXM-90 Panoramic X-ray Unit


Descripción del producto

1. The latest film panoramic x-ray unit
The most fashion aesthetic appearance perfectly combined with the most powerful advanced function
2. Digital standard design
Much more accurate by using digital panoramic circuit, upgrade to digital panorama easily and conveniently
3. LCD touchpad screen
LCD touchpad, graphical operation, accurate and simple
4. Three positioning laser beams
Adjustable canine beam ensures precise position
5. Head auxiliary fixing device
Frontal and both sides of the temporal are fixed, ensuring patients’ head stable
6. Dual speed vertical movement
The scan frame can be adjusted simply and quickly, running smoothly without noise
7. Automatic voice guidance
Guidance for the whole process of x-ray exposure
8. Convex positioning mirror
No deformation of patients’ face, ensuring operator to position accurately and quickly
9. The profile of face soft tissue can be displayed automatically
The device adjusts KV and MA automatically while scanning, ensuring that the profile of face soft tissue be displayed clearly
10. Eight panoramic modes: Adult, Child, Front, Right, Left, TMJ close, TMJ open, Maxillary Sinus
11. Four cephalometric modes: Lateral, Frontal, Carpus, SMV
Exposure Time(s) : Panoramic 14 Head 0.2-3.2
Photographed Region (mm) : Panoramic 146*300 Head 180*240
Gray scale : 4096(12bit)
Exposure Factor :50-90KV 2-10mA Power Supply :110/230 V 50/60 HZ Power(KW) :1.3


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